Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer vacation with the cousins... part 2!

I decided to take the older cousins out for an activity. They were always with the little ones, so this was just for them! We visited Arbre en Arbre at Ilv Melville in Shawinigan.

I got the whole deal for them. The tree climbing AND the extreme ziplines. Maelie suddenly discovered her love of zip-lining! Crazy girl!

In her younger years, she would have been afraid of this type of activity... but now, she is crazy about it! She LOVES the sensation of zipping through the air!

Once they got to the tree climbing part, they had to work a bit harder than the ziplines! They had to make their way through the different activities in the trees. It was an awesome time!

Maelie almost made it to the end. She was really thirsty by the end so she was too exhausted to finish the last part. Next time we go, we'll bring water along! What brave kids ! I must be a wimp because I would never be tempted to go high like that!

How nice of Lucas to offer Maelie a piggy back ride on the way out!!

On our last day, we went out for breakfast with "les matantes". Two of grand-maman's sisters came for breakfast with us. It's always so nice to see them!

Maelie my sweetheart!

Jo wanted to go to Lac de Piles after lunch for a swim. Sadly, it started to rain so only Maelie and Nathan made it in the water! She did have company at one point... a mama duck swam by, probably wondering why Maelie was out there in the rain! ;)

After our visit to the lake, we drove home. It's always sad to leave the cousins because we will more than likely not see them for a year. We miss them already! :) How I wish we lived closer so we could randomly visit on the weekends for adventures! I love these 3 kiddos!! and Maelie of course!

Summer vacation with the cousins... part 1

Our family got together a bit earlier than usual this year. Jo and the boys visited in July. They usually visit in August. What always surprises us when we first see them is how much everyone grew!! Lucas is incredibly tall! He is taller than everyone by far.

Maelie of course is always happy to play with the cousins. They have a LOT of energy!

Within minutes of arriving, everyone is off doing something!

The river is always refreshing :)

They are safe from the mosquitos when under water! On the deck however, I was being eaten alive!

Nathan was in love with frog catching this year :)

Grand-maman and her grand kids!

Maelie of course LOVES to take me on a ride on the ATV. I don't like it so much! She likes going on hills and bumps... me? not so much!

We stopped by at the city pool one afternoon. It is HUGE! Saldy, the water was a mere 65 degrees... so Maelie swam the most, Nathan was in and out but the others? TOO FROZEN!

We enjoyed a bit of play time at the park.


Grand maman took the kids fishing in the river. Nathan was quite excited to catch a fish!

While riding the ATV, Lucas spotted a turtle! Grand maman brought it back to show us, and then let it go in the river.

His nails were quite scratchy! At least he was not a snapping turtle!

Some afternoons, we headed off to visit grand papa and Lucie. Sadly,  I didn't even get a picture!! When the grand kids come over, it's time to take all I-pads out and get them fixed! Maelie loves setting them up. I guess this is how I felt when I was younger and explained to my mom how to record a song on the tape player. We feel so much smarter than our elders! LOL now *I* am part of the elders!

More to come....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

End of year gifts

I've been meaning to make Sunshine boxes for quite a while now! I never got to it... until now! I was trying to think of a good idea for the teacher gifts to go along with their gift cards. I used 9 inch pizza boxes for them. I made an English one for the homeroom teacher.

and a French one for the French and science teacher.

This is the inside of one...

and the inside of the other..

Fitting everything nice and tightly was the difficult part! I will have to start collecting more yellow stuff to have on hand for future Sunshine boxes :) It makes me happy to make others happy!

Now for the rest of the staff, we gave them a Tims gift card with a flower. The stem is filled with green candies, either Skittles or M&Ms. Then I hot glued a flower that I got at the dollar store. We attached a tag saying thanks, and that was it.

 They turned out pretty cute!!

I will have to find more people to give surprises to now that Maelie is no longer at the primary school! There is usually no shortage of people who like surprises so I am not worried :)

Grade 6 Grad 2014!!

What a month!! June 2014 has by far been the craziest!! I had my work BBQ that required prep time, then it was major crunch time for the Grad! The theme was "Picture Me!" so the decor was to revolve around pictures. Luckily, I had a ton of pics on my computer from Kindergarten to now. I volunteered at many events where I took pics of all the kids, not just Maelie. There were also pics from many parties, Maelie's and other kids'. I started off by getting 350 pics finished at Costco, then mounted them all on black card stock. These pics would then be used to decorate all around the gym.

The day before the grad, we spent 9 hours setting everything up. We had helium donated to us so we used it for arches and awesome decor! Sadly, the helium did not like the heat and humidity in the gym overnight and it all fell down by morning!

This was the view from the front of the gym. That golden arch at the back is one of the 2 that fell down overnight.

This is on stage... this gorgeous arch is the second one that fell..

This one survived as he was mounted on a pole. His twin was at the other end of the stage.

Here is the treat table for the grads.

I made grad chocolates (not sure if they all survived! It was so hot in the gym! I know they all disappeared though....

These hats were made with small 4 oz cups upside down. I covered them with black cardstock added a square at the top, and a tassel from the dollar store. Inside were a few candies. It's amazing what we can do with these little cups!! :) I am glad I got a case!

These were little 1 X 8 tubes with candies, and a scallop circle and grad cap at the top! I am thankful i got the cap die at Crop a While not too long ago!

The kids marched around the gym, walking up via the red carpet. Then they were called alphabetically to get their fake diplomas. It was very touching because an empty chair had been reserved for one of their classmates that passed away tragically in the third grade. His mom was at the grad because she gives out an art award in his honor every year. This year was extra special as it was the year her son would have graduated from grade 6. She said she lost it when she saw that they reserved a spot for him. What a good bunch of kids. They will never forget Brandon.

Here is Maelie with her teacher!! Congrats Maelie! I am very thankful she had Mr. Millard this year!

Cheese! :) - In this pic you can see behind the girls that there are pictures hanging with clothespins. This was the case ALL around the gym! There were no bare spots!

I set up a photo booth at the back of the gym with various props for people to take pictures.
Here is Maelie and a few friends... and Mr. Millard photo bombing from behind the curtain! :)

This was a practice shot with the picture frame at home the day before.

By then end of the grad, I realized I didn't even get many pics of Maelie! Too busy running around!!

The kids danced a bit outside, the weather was PERFECT, the BBQ was wonderful, we could not have asked for more!
Isabelle, one of the moms, made the cupcakes. These were my favorite! They completely went well with the BBQ!

At the end, I encouraged parents to take home the pics of their kids that were on the wall. Parents and kids went around taking the ones they wanted. We also had the class pics from K-6 for both classes. It was really nice to see how they changed over the years! I got a LOT of positive comments from parents and kids. I am extremely proud of how it turned out!

It's now 3 days after the grad and I am still recuperating! LOL It was mentally and physically draining, but it was well worth all the efforts!!

Congratulations Maelie!! You are done with grade school! Off to another challenge now.... but first, enjoy your summer!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The lost month?

May seems to have been the lost month! I have a bare minimum amount of pics and most of them are not of Maelie! Maelie, when you get older and you read this blog, please know that you did not disappear from the planet in May! I guess I just forgot how to operate my camera! :)

We went to visit Grand maman for Mother's Day. As always, Maelie had a great time! She is pretty darn good at driving the ATV. I am always scared on it, so I let Grand Maman go !

The chickens are still happy and well. Maelie went to collect the eggs.

I love the hair do!

We also visited Grand papa and Lucie during our time there. Grand papa just got an I pad mini. He was trying to get me to help, but that is like the blind leading the blind. So we put Maelie to work. She got it working! :) Technology is going a little bit fast for us older generations!

A little pic before we leave... :)

Fast forward to the end of May, one day we went out to Lou's for a poutine with Sonia and Naomie. The girls don't see each other as often because they have both been quite busy with their social lives! We are all still happy to see each other though!

On that same day... May 22nd, Maelie was in the pool! It was rather chilly, but she braved it and put me to shame! I don't go in below 84 degrees now, I am such a wimp. Or I am just spoiled with air conditioning. I think it was 65 degrees that first time!!

Also in the works this month has been my garden! I have no green thumb but I go with the flow, and things DO grow!! :) I started off my peas and beans from scratch indoors in jiffy pots. I also started herbs : basil , cilantro, thyme, dill. All from scratch which always surprises me when it works!!
This year I made it a little bigger. I added those bricks to the ends. I can plant herbs in the holes as well! I don't have much space due to the pool and trampoline, but I work with what I have!
On the creative front, I worked on a bunch of cards this month as well. I made a whole pile of them and took them to work to sell so that I could raise extra funds for the grad! Since our grad budget is pretty low, I had to find a way to make extra! The idea for the top one came from Pinterest.

I also made this one specifically for a colleague who had a heart attack. I saw a model on Pinterest, and this is my adapted version :)

I made a bunch more, but sometimes I forget to take pictures!
So that was it for our month of May. June revolves around graduation!!