Monday, May 4, 2015

Raiding the Smart phone

The fun part about Maelie having a smart phone is when I get to just copy the pictures to the hard drive!

Here are random pics found on her phone :)

Teens are so funny nowadays! In my day, we used to pose in photo booths at that age! Never EVER would we have thought that we'd be able to take an unlimited amount of pictures one day!

Love ya babe!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Talent show & bake sale

Maelie participated in the talent show at school ! She and her friend Veronique played Bad Romance. Maelie on Tenor Sax and Veronique on clarinet. Maelie is quite critical of herself so she doesn't really want me to post the video but I don't actually have a picture of her and her friend to post other than the video!! I'll have to see if I can make it smaller because it is over the blogger limit. They both played amazing though and I was sooooo proud!!

Of course when there is any event at school that has an opportunity to have a bake sale, I am all over it!!

Here is what I made this time around:

I made little curvy keepsake box turtles. Ooooops... a few of them are missing eyes! I was able to glue them back on before the sale :)

I tried this new recipe for caramel popcorn cupcakes that I found on Pinterest! The little cups I made with a cupcake holder sizzic die I had, and the window label punch. I loved them!!!

I made little monkey cupcake toppers, girl and boy, and added candy bananas.

Cowboy hats made with a chip and a jujube!

Butterfly cupcakes made with yogurt pretzels and smarties!

Fish cupcakes made with Smarties!

I made some daisies to put on top of little 4 oz cups. I filled the cups with little jujubes.

All of the cups had a little paper cupholder.

I wrapped 2 powdered donuts and added a paper straw in the middle to add color!

Little cupcake cups filled with pink popcorn!

Cute little curvy keepsake box ladybugs filled with candy and gum.

These are 1X8 bags filled with red, blue and black smarties to go with the little music instrument & star tags, with a note "enjoy the show"

Flowers on a sucker stick in a small 2.5 oz plastic cup and lid. the cups were filled with sour candy.

How I LOVE making stuff for bake sales! It just makes everyone sooooo happy! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Sweet 16 Naomie!

Today was a special day! Naomie turned 16!! We joined her and her parents for supper to celebrate!!

Happy Sweet 16 Naomie! :) you are an amazing girl!  Always be yourself!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harlem Globetrotters

Maelie and Naomie both got some Harlem Globetrotter tickets  for their bdays :)

Bill went with them. The girls enjoyed themselves, but not as much as we had hoped. They couldn't hear much of what was going on. They did say that Bill laughed a lot so he must have heard well!

They did get to spend time together so at least that was positive!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Maelie!!

Well, it's official... my little baby girl is now a teenager!!!

The morning started really early as predicted!! Maelie was in such a good mood of course! She opened up her gifts and cards from family members :) We keep them hidden if they come to the mailbox early.

Also a tradition is her ice cream cake for breakfast! Bill had picked it up at Dairy Queen a couple days prior. We hid it in the freezer in the basement until the special day!

For lunch, I met up with Maelie and had lunch with her at her favorite restaurant close to her school. For supper we went out with Sonia and Naomie. What a wonderful day!!

I remember the day I went into labor, I remember when they most important thing was to have a healthy baby. I got a lot more than I prayed for!

Maelie, I love you sooooooo much! It's actually amazing how you are growing up to be such a wonderful lady. Everyone you meet appreciates you and enjoys your presence. You are kind hearted, helpful, considerate, loving, smart, full of common sense, and you are really fun to be around! If I had to choose someone to hang around with, I would always choose you! We laugh together, we argue, we act silly, and a bit crazy, but we always have a good time! Even if you don't always admit that you enjoy spending time with me, you do choose to hang around! :)

I love you with ALL my heart and more!!
Happy 13th birthday!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

For Easter weekend this year, we drove to visit my family.

On Friday night, grand maman works at a Dance for some special needs adults. Maelie enjoys when we arrive on time to go help out. It just happens to be located in the same building as some amateur wrestling!! Maelie's wish of being on a wrestling ring came true!!! She would have loved to stay there all evening but the doors had to be locked up.

My mom had mentioned that she had picked up a few chickens. She also had to go get some chickens that had just hatched at a school close to where she lives. Of course Maelie was put to work ! She helped clean the cage. The chickens will actually be outdoors soon... but it still is just a little too cold for them right now!!

Little baby chick taking a nap in warm comfy hands....

Just because Maelie is going to be 13 doesn't mean she doesn't want an Easter egg hunt!! I hid a bunch of eggs around the house at Grand-maman's and she hunted for them :) She has always gotten bored if the search is too difficult!! so we try to keep it easy enough :)

We visited Grand papa and Lucie as well. I think this is actually really close in height... Maelie is just about to get taller than Lucie!!

It was less of a challenge to be taller than Grand Maman though!! Maelie has passed her a while back! :)

On our way home, Maelie really wanted to go get some rocks! We are surrounded by rock when we drive back home on the new highway. I didn't think it would be good to park on the highway to get rocks! So I took an exit and let Maelie go get some rocks there,

It felt nice to have 4 days off! It would have been just a tad better if it had been warmer out, but it's coming!!

Monday, March 30, 2015


This is what I see almost every day after school... Maelie playing the Saxophone!
She started off learning the Alto Sax at the beginning of the school year and at some point, she decided she liked the Tenor Sax. She plays the alto during band and during her spare time, she uses the tenor! She is really good... it has happened where I fell asleep on the couch to the sound of the sax!!

Keep up the good work sweetheart!!