Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

For months and months and months, I've been planning blog posts in my head, and ended up doing something else. It bothers me because I don't want to have a blank period of time in this journal that Maelie will refer to as she ages. She is currently enjoying reading the older posts and I fear she will be disappointed to have missed out on a part of her life that I will not have blogged about. As of right now, my last post is July... I will however back-post a few events/pictures, just to make sure they aren't forgotten. My camera also needs to become my BFF again! :) I guess I started putting it down a bit after many many many pics of hands trying to block the camera. Maelie is at an age where she doesn't like me taking pictures most of the time, and when she does allow me, they need to be vetted by her. Ah, the joyful days of just snapping pics of every single moment!!

2014 was a good year. A lot of changes, a lot of growth (literally in height for Maelie!) My mind is always busy thinking, researching, analyzing, etc... constant change is a recurring theme in my head!

November and December were particularly hectic. My colleague Nicole and I wanted to raise funds selling Christmas cards again, so it seriously ate up most of November (sale was in November) and by then I was behind in everything else Christmassy... but I made it. It did make me reflect though... those hundreds of hours making cards to raise money for charities, it did not give me as much of a sense of generosity as I would have expected. It seems as if I had to sacrifice my home/family/etc. My home was a mess for most of November and December. I was behind in all of my gift giving. This is not what I want for my family, so I will have to rethink my priorities next year.

With the business of November and December, and the general fatigue that the holidays bring, I also did not send out Christmas cards! I enjoy sending out cards to family and friends. I decided that I would make it a New Year event instead! So I started working on those yesterday.

I am working on my goals for this upcoming year. We have a few things we need to work on as a family, and I would truly like to excel at the fine art of decluttering!! :) This has been an interest of mine for years but I never truly got anywhere. I am a compulsive person by nature, so unless I get compulsive in getting rid of stuff, it's not easy to declutter!

My main goal though, which is a priority, is to stay in contact with people. Last year, I had a goal of mailing 2 cards a month. I did it. Mainly because of birthdays and Christmas. This year, I would like to go with that again, except maybe add one card (or letter, or surprise) to anyone. Everyone loves receiving something that is not a bill!

Another goal is to take more pictures and make more memories. Not easy with an almost teenager in the house to take pictures! Unless it's a selfie of course!

If anyone is reading this, what are your goals this year? What changes are you hoping and praying for?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family holiday visit

On Boxing day we packed up and went to visit family for a week. Sadly, I barely took any pictures! I've truly neglected taking pictures in the past while. I tend to depend on my phone, but the pictures don't turn out well. (note to self.. take more pics in 2015!!)

Here are a few pics! both from my phone and camera.... But first, let me take a selfie!

I brought cookie tins for family and a few extras... they disappeared really fast!

The weather was kinda strange, and one day, it was so warm that the snow became sticky again! They kids went out and made a snow family! Meet Frosty, Crystal and I forget the last one!


We spent time at the mall, and the kids all got in the photobooth! I took a pic on the outside screen. hehehe When I was little, we didn't get to see ourselves prior to the picture being taken!!

Maelie of course worked on manicures :) Brennan and Nathan love getting some color on their nails!
More beauty regimens! Of course Maelie had to take a selfie with Jo!
Lucas, the typical teen!! :) Roaming the house to find cell service!

I only got this horizontal picture of Nathan! He was on the bed watching tv :)

Maelie and her sweet poofy friend Meggie! Meggie loves when Maelie visits!

My dad and Lucie... Maelie is pretty much taller than Lucie now! It's so fun to have pictures to compare how much she grew!

We had a fun week away and were also happy to return home. The best trips are always like that. Happy to go, happy to come back. Not so happy to have to go back to work! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!!

Our little Christmas was spent as quiet as can be, Maelie, Bill and I. We were up at 3:30! Oh boy! This year we only had a mini tree out, which was fine by me! Our big one took a break! :)

Maelie excited as always to open up her stocking!!

Whatever card we received for her for Christmas, we put under the tree, so she had sweet messages from our family far away on Christmas Day!

Spoiled little lovey! This year, Maelie shared how she was excited for Christmas so that she could give US presents. She is at that point in her life where she is earning some money babysitting, therefore she saves up her money and gets us things she knows we will love! I love that she loves giving more and more!

Family and friends, and even people I don't know, if you read this message, know that I am truly thankful for you. I am thankful that our lives are connected in some way :) May you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by people you care about.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve is here!

Maelie has been counting the days til Christmas! School ended early this year so she found that was torture!! She wanted school to last until the 24th! Thankfully, Maelie was busy Monday and Tuesday babysitting, so time flew by and she was also paid for it! :) Great deal!

Christmas even is the day for the Christmas even present! Jammies as always :) but this time there was also an extra surprise....

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... an awesomely soft blanket! Come to think of it, I wish I kept it for myself! LOL

And the perfect jammies for Maelie... the shirt says "This Girl loves Christmas!" ... and she REALLY does!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gingerbread village

Maelie and I decided to make a gingerbread village this weekend! We made the gingerbread dough from scratch using the Wilton recipe. Maelie then cut out some house shapes and we baked them.

We whipped up some icing with merangue powder to make sure the house parts stuck together!

It's beginning to look a lot like a village!

We each worked on three houses.

It's amazing what a big of icing and candy can do!!

Ta Da! What a beautiful village! a lot of sweet people would love to live there!!

Much nicer with this sweet girl in the picture!

Maelie wasn't done after all that creating... she made some little mincemeat tarts... for who?

For the only person in this house who will eat them! Daddy!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Band Concert

Maelie had her Christmas Band Concert on Friday. Along with the concert was a bake sale to raise funds for their band trip in May. My mom is ALL about bake sales! So of course, grand-maman came for a visit with a BUNCH of pies, cakes, cupcakes, etc etc! Some friends donated bread and maple-banana loaves, and I worked on a bunch of cute boxes and other goodies!

Reindeer cupcakes. Idea came from Pinterest.

Elf Kisses and Reindeer noses, idea also from Pinterest. To the right, alternating green & red M&M tubes.

Hamburger cupcakes, idea from Pinterest.

Little curvy keepsake box Santa and penguins. Idea from Pinterest, To the left, chocolate covered pretzels.

We raised a lot of money to help for their trip! The band did an AMAZING job at entertaining the crowd. I LOVE hearing Maelie play the saxophone! She is truly amazing :)


Friday, December 5, 2014

My November

Well, November came and went. My colleague Nicole and I worked on Christmas cards for most of the month. We made over 400 cards for our annual card sale at work. In the end, we raised over 1100$ for charity! We donated all supplies and time, so all money raised went to a couple of different causes.

Some of our cards were repeats from last year, but not many of them!

It's hard to count the hours spent on cards!

We added a few more religious ones this year as well.

 These cutie penguins were a hit!

I made a bunch of cards with fireplaces, trees and pets (cats and dogs). They seemed to disappear quite fast!

It was our second year doing this... and both years we raised over 1000$. While we were selling the cards,  we were already talking about things we would make next year! OH BOY!