Monday, September 7, 2015

New place in town

We saw these interesting signs on the news recently and of course, hearing that it was advertising for a Cat Café... I was quite interested!! I can't own a cat due to allergies in our home, but I really LOVE them. 

So of course when I heard of Café Chat Siberien, it was on my to-visit list!! So after the hot air balloon chasing, Maelie and I headed out there.

Here is the star of that sign :) Walking in the cat area, everything was SO perfect for them! They can run around the café, climb everywhere, it's amazing how well done it is! There were even couches to just sit and hope that a kitty will drop by on your lap!

Gorgeous little guys!!

More mature kitty... very cute!

Maelie is really good with cats, she doesn't run after them or try to get their attention, she lets them come to her.

We also learned that YES, we are allergic to Siberian cats. (some people aren't allergic to this kind) So, it's great we can go visit them but not stay too too long. We leave once the sneezing starts!
We'll go back for sure. It was a VERY clean place, the mocha & hot chocolate were delicious, and you leave there really content. The staff was friendly and kind, and they went out of their way to make sure we had a pleasant visit.

We left the café and headed up to the Champlain Lookout. We've lived out here for 10 years now, and had never been!

The view is majestic! I still can't believe some people biked all the way up! it's insanely high!

Maelie enjoyed taking a few selfies :)

I love THIS picture!! SUPERMAN!

Our day was filled with activities and it was barely 11 AM!! How I love hanging out with my baby :)


Final day for the hot air balloons! We got up early for this one so thankfully some balloons went up!

They are so gorgeous up there!

I took this one from right under!


We enjoyed watching them land all around us near the airport.

Until next year!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Our tradition - chasing Hot Air Balloons!

Every year we look forward to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We love chasing them. 

These guys ended up lading right in the middle of all the apartments and townhomes! Luckily there was a small piece of vacant land!

Here is Maelie posing in front of the balloon once they are deflating it.

They are so beautiful! Riding into the sunset....!
Hopefully they will take flight a few more times during the festival!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to school 2015!

And so we start again... another school year!! Grade 8! Wow... time just flies.

Maelie is more picky now on approving the pics I can post!

If I didn't push a little, I would basically have none to post!

To me, she is the most beautiful creature in this world!! and will always be :)

Monday, August 17, 2015


Finally!! Time to go to Kricklewood Farm!! I can't even begin to explain what a sunflower field does to my soul!
I don't think I could ever resist smiling when I see this!

Even Maelie was a *bit* into it, though she wouldn't admit it! Here she is taking a selfie!

A more serious look...

Maelie had enough but she was a great sport! Especially in this heat!!

Ta-Da!!!! Love this pic...

More selfies!!

After I took a failed selfie of myself, Maelie showed me how it was done!

But Maelie... we can't see the sunflowersssssssss!!

Once back at the barn, a crew of goats were staring at us! Note that they didn't really want to step out of the shade...!


Thank you for letting us visit the sunflowers! We'll be back for sure :)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Long Island Locks

Sometimes some weird things happen! and I know they happen for a reason.

This past weekend, I told Maelie to hop in the car. We'd leave for an adventure to take pictures. Not knowing where we would end up, we just left.

I had checked Facebook and a colleague was selling her tickets to see Theresa Caputo that night. I always wanted to see her, but the tickets were so pricey. I offered my colleague to buy them at half the price if she didn't have any other offers, but I couldn't afford the full price. We just had to wait to see what she would respond.

So, back to driving someplace... at one point I turned towards a park that had a small sign saying "Locks" with an arrow. We were in an area I'd never been before.

Maelie and I walked to see the locks, and lo' and behold... this is what we saw:

Now what are the odds that we would end up at the LONG ISLAND locks, the same day I was waiting to see if I could go see the LONG ISLAND Medium?? I figured it was a sign! Once we left the locks, I got a message from my colleague that she would let us have the tickets that night!!

Maelie managed to climb a tree!

I love taking pictures of her!!

Maelie stood on the gate of the locks. Soon after a boat came in and so they drained the water out.

Aren't her new shoes cute?? :)

We headed out to pick up the tickets for the show, shopped a little while we waited, and then went to the Canadian Tire Center! It was an awesome show. I love how healing Theresa is. So many people got answers they had been waiting for for years!!

Next road trip? Pictures with sunflowers!! Now to convince Maelie that it will be awesome....

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer vacation 2015!

I just got my pics off my camera and realized that I did not carry my camera everywhere this year!! It was so hot during our vacation that the less stuff attached to your body, the better!
I really like this one of Lucas though. What we don't see on the picture is that he was trying on Maelie's flip flops!


When Maelie looked at the pics on the camera, and she saw this one below, she was wondering why she had such hairy legs!! She thought she had shaved! Thankfully, she realized it was Lucas trying on her flip flops!

We visited the Lake and the kids enjoyed swimming. We had SUCH hot weather!

Nathan looks like he is walking in the air!

Lucas enjoyed grabbing Maelie and throwing her up in the air!

Beautiful view!!

Wherever we go, the kids have to spot the frogs and toads.

They loved the boat ride with my dad's cousin Pierre! The teens look so cool there at the front!

One evening, I have my three nephews to myself! I took them go-karting. Nathan was old enough to go on the small go karts. Brennan was still too small, but he got to ride as Lucas' passenger.

We stopped by the park and water games.

This is the part that Maelie enjoys the most! The ATV!


After a week away from home, we returned to our place, and Jo and the boys came too. It was still nice and hot, so the pool was quite convenient!

We went to spend a day at Calypso and I don't have one single pic to prove it! I did get a super tan though!!

The next day, we went to Bate Island. The squirrels and the geese were SO friendly!!

And they were a bit greedy... they wanted to steal Maelie's purse!

If there is a rock & water, the rock MUST be thrown!

Lucas looking like the ever so cool teen ;)

Sadly all vacations come to an end and reality kicks in!!
It was great while it lasted, and so sad to see my family go.

Good bye summer vacay... until next time!